2016 Cityworks Conference: The Web-centric GIS Platform.

The Web GIS-centric Platform for Resilient, Sustainable, Smart Communities

Watch Brian Haslam, CEO, and Becky Tamashasky, Executive Director, along with Tom Tibbets, Assistant GIS Manager, and Rocky Agbunag, IT/GIS Project Management at St Johns County FL Utilities. They highlight the county's emergency response to Hurricane Matthew, which relied on the value of the Cityworks Web GIS-centric Platform and ArcGIS as an authoritative system of record, engagement, and insight.

The Cityworks and ArcGIS Seamless Experience for End-Users

Becky Tamashasky and Billy Lang demonstrate the seamless user experience of the Cityworks / ArcGIS Web GIS-centric Platform provides with single sign-on, the ArcGIS Web Map, and ArcGIS applications including Crowdsourced Reporter, Workforce, and Operations Dashboard.

Cityworks Toolbox

Meet Cityworks.

Cityworks provides you with a platform that helps manage, track, and analyze your infrastructure assets. It includes an integrated permit management system which extends your management reach to include activities done on residences, commercial, and other infrastructure.

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