Preconference Training

“Preconference training options include two-day and one-day options so that you can fully immerse yourself in a topic and technology.”

Register by October 1, 2016, and receive a $100 regional training credit for each day registered ($200 maximum) to be applied towards any regional training at one of our 3 training locations – Salt Lake, Dallas, or Milwaukee in 2017. Expires December 31, 2017.

Two-Day Course $2,200

Sunday, December 4, 2016 – Monday, December 5, 2016

Programming Cityworks 15.1 APIs

Explore how developers are building new experiences by leveraging Cityworks Platform APIs. Learn more about our family of feature-rich APIs for web and mobile, and how to incorporate those features into your applications. The basics of GIS-enabled work activity creation, editing, and query will be the focus of this course. Multiple Cityworks developers will be on site to work with the attendees, and attendees will be able to showcase their ideas.

One-Day Courses $1,100 per day

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Introduction to Cityworks Office for PLL

Learn how to create various case types for building permits, business licenses, and code enforcement. Learn the details of creating workflows and the decision trees inherent in that process. We’ll look at citizen engagement through the public portal, which allows a citizen to apply for a permit or license and check their associated lifecycle stages. PLL administration and necessary Office for AMS functions will be covered.

Cityworks Office for AMS - Inspections and Tests

Take an in-depth look at custom and standard inspections in Office 15.1 for AMS. Learn how to build inspection templates and tailor even the most complex workflows. Explore the application of different templates and apply them in the GIS and analytical reports for analysis. We will discuss best business practices to a variety of workflows and look at real world examples from other Cityworks users.

Introduction to Crystal Reporting with Cityworks Office for AMS and PLL

Become familiar with Crystal Reports basics. Work hands-on to create basic Crystal reports, adding multiple tables to a report, and using the Standard Report Wizard as it applies to Office for AMS and Office for PLL.

Cityworks Storeroom Administration

Learn what is necessary to develop a storeroom to track material for costs, availability, stock-on-hand, physical locations in storeroom, primary suppliers, and audits. Costing analysis for work orders via LIFO/FIFO, weighted average, and other cost types, as well as setting up a cycle count program, will also be discussed. Explore how to create and track different storeroom suppliers and the materials they provide. Training will focus on administration and end user interaction. Time will also be spent on running reports on material usage, availability, and transaction history. An inbox will be set up to track storeroom transactions, and simple XML functions to change the Storeroom interface, such as hiding a data field or renaming a label on an icon, will be presented. Attendees will become aware of some of the Storeroom-specific database tables, which could impact reporting on topics such as material usage, quantity deficits, and current price points.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Introduction to Cityworks Office for AMS

Gain an understanding of Office for AMS from an end-user perspective. Spin up on core AMS functionality to include: inbox; interacting with the map tools; service request capabilities (creation, geocoding an address, adding caller information, searching service requests); the workflow related to work orders; creating basic work orders (adding labor, material, and equipment) and more complex work order topics such as setting up parent/child and cyclical work orders; Learn about ELM, saved searches and many other related topics.

Cityworks in the Field: Comparing Mobile Options

Learn how to create mobile workflows in the various Cityworks mobile applications- Field, Respond, and Android/iOS. Design optimal dashboard inboxes in the various mobile applications, and examine the cause and effect of creating and editing work activities in the field. Cover the requirements for each mobile and field option to work within Cityworks specifications, including network connectivity and system and software requirements. Several iOS and Android mobile devices will be available for attendees during the hands-on portion of this training.

Intermediate Crystal Reporting with Cityworks Office for AMS and PLL

Building on basic concepts for Crystal Reports, become familiar with the Cityworks table structure, table relationships, and the operation of Crystal Reports as it relates to generating reports and graphs against Cityworks asset management data in Cityworks Office 15.1.

Customizing Cityworks

Learn how to customize the Cityworks user experience through XML, CSS, HTML, and basic JavaScript.


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