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Cityworks connects people with apps, data, maps, and each other so they can easily make smarter, faster decisions. It gives everyone in your organization the ability to manage assets from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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Use Cityworks to Build Your Asset Management Solution.

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

Manage and map your assets from anywhere, anytime, on any device. This includes web browsers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop applications.

Meet Cityworks.

Cityworks provides you with a mapcentric system that helps you manage, track, and analyze your infrastructure assets. It includes an integrated permit management system which extends your management reach to include activities done on residences, commercial, and other infrastructure.

The Cityworks Platform provides you with a mapcentric asset management system that helps you access, search, and manage your infrastructure assets. It includes an integrated map viewer, mapmaking tools, and applications that are easy to deploy. It also provides access to the Cityworks API to create and deploy your own or other 3rd party web applications.

Office, the Cityworks desktop workhorse, is designed to provide beginning-to-end capabilities for all of Cityworks. An integrated multi-monitor map viewer, work orders, service requests, resource management for labor, equipment, and material, a powerful search engine, storeroom management, analysis, budgeting, permit management, geodatabase management, administrative tools, and the ability to individually customize the user experience are all integral components to Cityworks Office.

Respond is designed to provide easy-to-use mobile capabilities for Cityworks on tablets and laptops. Respond supports a simple user experience that facilitates completion of fieldwork activities including works orders, service requests, and inspections.

Cityworks on iOS and Android provide a range of field-specific tools. One of the unique aspects of these apps are their ability to operate completely disconnected from the network. Map, asset data, work management data are cached locally on the device. These apps are well suited to inspections and routine maintenance where field crews may be out of network coverage or do not need constant contact.

Cityworks Storeroom is designed to track incoming and outgoing materials from multiple storage areas, including work vehicles, as well as manage stock, material cost, suppliers, and requisitions. Storeroom is well integrated at the work order level, as material is used the work order automatically adjusts storeroom inventories and makes appropriate transactions.

Cityworks Analytics quickly creates detailed charts, graphs, and reports based on key performance indicators (KPI) and other metrics. These powerful reports are used to graphically analyze an organization’s performance. This out-of-the-box product comes with several reports that are already created—you just need to setup the connection to your own database and can customize or create new reports.

Fast and Easy Field Inspections

Easy Tools for Everyone.

Understand Your Organization with Beautiful Dashboards

The Cityworks Search Engine supports a wide array of custom dashboards. Operational dashboards tell you where you are in real time. Analytical dashboards set targets for tomorrow by viewing trends over periods of time. Strategic, or key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards let management know where reality sits versus expectation.

Fast and Easy Implementation.

Cityworks does not take years to implement. You could be up and running within weeks depending on the complexity of your system. Call on Cityworks Partners that are certified and experienced in the complete range of implementations.

Secure, by Design and by Default

You control all aspects of the Cityworks platform deployment in your own IT infrastructure. Cityworks supports your organization's specific hardware and security requirements and gives you control over how your platform is deployed, maintained, secured, and used.




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