Cityworks Platform

The Cityworks Web GIS-centric™ Open Platform asset management system helps you access, search, and manage your infrastructure assets. The platform, or system of record, is the component of Cityworks that stores data and performs transactions on that data.

Engaging Applications

Cityworks provides a number of applications designed to assist specific user types and scenarios. Several of our software development partners offer additional applications that meet the needs of even more users. These applications, often referred to as Systems of Engagement, provide easy-to-use tools to better complete business operations.

Office and Field

Cityworks Office and Field provide the end-user with an optimized office or mobile experience using various devices. Office contains full functionality and is designed for a desktop environment. Field enables full asset management on mobile laptops and tablets.

The Desktop Workhorse

Office allows customers to utilize GIS functionality while managing and performing maintenance operations and investigating and resolving service requests, all in a web-based environment. Extending the ArcGIS Server interface, Office incorporates a palette of tools, tabs, and links in a highly customizable environment, allowing Cityworks to be deployed as an intranet application served across a department, a division, or an entire organization.


Cityworks Office allows a user to track development projects, code enforcement cases, and other similar projects from inception to completion. It is fully integrated into mapping systems, and it facilitates the use of ArcGIS mapping functions at all relevant levels. It is not only functional for private land development, but it can be used for utilities, highways, parades, festivals, and other public projects.


Respond is a mobile application designed from the ground up for in-field work order, service request, and inspection completion. Respond’s user experience simplifies completing work in a fast, efficient manner.


Material management is one of the most costly areas of any organization. The key to success is an efficiently run and well organized warehouse where inventory levels are monitored, material is available for issue and the reordering is easy.

Cityworks API

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow clients to extend the Cityworks platform through custom applications and integrations with third-party systems. Cityworks has developed JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) web services. These are licensed individually and require configuration services.

iOS & Android

Cityworks on iOS and Android provide a range of field-specific tools. One of the unique aspects of these apps are their ability to operate completely disconnected from the network. Map, asset data, work management data are cached locally on the device. These apps are well suited to inspections and routine maintenance where field crews may be out of network coverage or do not need constant contact.

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