Cityworks Disaster Response Program

Help when you need it most.

The devastation in South Texas, Florida and other parts of the Southeast has been overwhelming, with millions displaced because of the hurricane damage and flooding. Many communities use Cityworks software to help plan and manage emergency response to respond to the needs of citizens and recover.

In an effort to support communities impacted by natural disasters, Cityworks is implementing a disaster response program. This program provides Cityworks software tools on a limited basis to manage and monitor road blockages, debris removal, sink holes, flooding, etc. Combined with Esri’s Disaster Response Program and ArcGIS Online, communities can visualize, track, and report on their relief efforts in real-time.

If your community can benefit from participating in the Cityworks disaster response program, please fill out the Request Participation form below. All requests should be explained in the message section of the form and are subject to approval.


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