Ready. Set. ENGAGE.


Any management system that does not “engage” users at all levels renders the underlying data less useful to users at all levels.

How to Engage?

Usually full engagement requires a blend of applications, user experiences, devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and even automated equipment. Even though most of these items are from different vendors, they operate as a single system.


A system of engagement overlays a system of record. The system of record is your combination of GIS, infrastructure data, work management history, related financial data, and so forth.

Successful Engagement

A successful system of engagement is a result of open systems of record that promote easy integration between each other and supports 3rd party interfaces. The Web GIS-centric™platforms developed by Cityworks and Esri are two of the newest examples of this type of system.

Full Engagement

Full engagement includes a plethora of users, applications, and devices from different vendors accessing the system of record via appropriate authentication. For Cityworks, the system of record includes the Cityworks database, an Esri ArcGIS database, and others such as financial and modeling systems.

System of Engagement

The System of Engagement incorporates all the user experiences, devices, and functionality to perform any business operation. These operations can range from field work repairing or maintaining infrastructure, permit inspections, infrastructure inspections, office analysis, management tracking, budgeting and contracts, and also includes citizen engagement such as websites and application forms. These solutions can come from System of Record vendors, other 3rd party vendors, or can be created in-house.

System of Record

The System of Record is the core data in which the System of Engagement interacts. For the Cityworks realm, this includes the Cityworks work management and permit data, and the Esri GIS geodatabase. It can also include financial, modeling, and other systems of record. The System of Record includes a strong authentication element that restricts users ability to create, edit, and delete data. This authentication applies to all elements, even if they are from different vendors.

Web GIS-centric™

The System of Engagement Concept is Changing the Enterprise System Landscape

Cityworks and Esri are both at the forefront of a pendulum swing in how enterprise systems are conceptualized and implemented. Gone are the days of single vendor systems that provided end-to-end applications and integration. Learn about the new landscape of Web GIS-centric™ open, integrated vendor products that allow each business to completely customize their business operations

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