Inspect your assets from anywhere outside the office.

The Device Mesh

Local government and utilities no longer grapple with providing employees multiple devices, particularly those involved in infrastructure operations and permitting. The greater task is understanding how to make this vast Device Mesh work better.


Local government employees that own a mobile device.


Cities that rely on a mobile workforce

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Field Inspections

Cityworks provides easy-to-use field inspection tools. Rather than spending time filling out paper records and wandering about looking for hidden assets, field inspectors can be the eyes that assess the health of your organization’s assets.

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Productivity Increases by Simply Knowing Where Things are Located.

One of the most common activities that cause slow response times is not knowing exactly where things are located. Cityworks can precisely locate field personnel and assets with its built-in map. When assets are mislocated, field personnel can easily edit locations and instantly update the GIS for all other users as well.

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Better Field Work Means Better Office Analysis

Years of field work maintenance history provide a rich source of information not only about the health, but where unknown areas of concern might exist in your system. Cityworks proprietary maintenance score and other analytical tools can be used to better understand your assets.

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