What is Cityworks?

Cityworks Today managing infrastructure capital assets consists of minimizing the total cost of owning, operating, and maintaining assets at acceptable levels of service. Cityworks is the proven and genuine GIS-centric asset management solution, combined with the power of ArcGIS and its robust asset data management repository, to perform intelligent and cost-effective inspection, monitoring, and condition assessment. Considering the interdependencies of maintenance, operations, asset performance, environmental conditions, life cycle costs, and capital planning prevents the replacement of many perfectly good assets with useful remaining life, which can happens when using only age-based asset replacement recommendations.

Asset Management Organizations using Cityworks and Esri ArcGIS are well on the way to developing an effective Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program.

Asset Registry This advanced database structure is inherently location-aware, providing far more power for managing assets than traditional non-location-aware database systems.

GIS Interaction GIS is the perfect platform to design and create an integrated GIS-centric public asset management system using spatial relationships as a way to manage, coordinate, and analyze all public assets and work activities.

Work Management Cityworks provides for detailed maintenance management. By incorporating GIS visualization, the user can easily group assets by location, type, age, or other key parameters. These groupings can then be used to create maintenance activities such as preventive work, reactive work, tests, or inspections.

Condition Assessment Cityworks is a cost-effective approach that helps decision makers balance risk of asset failure with its consequence. Organizations can use condition assessment from the maintenance history (clustering, frequency, and costs analysis of unplanned maintenance) and visual inspection (routine maintenance, SCADA interface, etc.) to gain insights regarding the level of asset deterioration to assess likelihood of failure.

Expense Management Expense tracking from individual entries on work activities by employees or contractors for labor, material, equipment can be accumulated at a fine-grained level, while project budgeting and summary reporting of expenses can handle more broad-level interests.

Customer Care Customers, citizens, callers, and other community members can be included in the work management process. Cityworks can track service request information such as contact data, comments, problem location, account data, and prior history through all phases or the work cycle. Automatic emails can be generated at key points, and staff can have easy access to contact information when the need arises.

Permits Organizations are able to configure their tasks and workflow to manage hundreds of different processes. Map layers can display current projects as they are tied to a parcel, building, etc. Associated documents are attached to a case where all users can view them from their computers, eliminating the need to transfer the documents from one department to another.

Fees & Payments

Code Enforcement Code complaints are automatically routed to the appropriate enforcement officers, who then manage these cases and violations, including fee assessments and collection. Any violation is easily tracked are easily tracked; organizations benefit from the resulting safety and visual improvements to their communities and generate a revenue stream.

Business Licensing Licensing in government provides a way to regulate contractors and businesses, protects from litigation, and generates revenue. Cityworks PLL is the answer for initiating and managing all types of licenses: contractor, business, journeyman, apprentice, hazardous waste handling and disposal, local and federal permits, etc. Searches on certificate expiration dates easily identify licenses which are up for renewal, simplifying the renewal process.

Cityworks Q&A

Cityworks Software Components

The Cityworks Suite- Cityworks provides comprehensive public asset and work management solutions for infrastructure as well as land-based, location-focused activities. The Cityworks suite of products offers the most robust software available to leverage your GIS investment without the added costs of integration or data synchronization.

Server AMS– A GIS-centric web application for infrastructure asset management.

Server PLL (Permits, Licensing, and Land), an asset management solution for managing community development, which is also GIS-centric.

Administrative Tools

Designer– Used to configure and customize Cityworks application.

Peripheral Tools and API’s

CCTV Interface for PACP– Imports CCTV readings and data into Cityworks for external pipe inspection camera systems.

Pavement Management Interface– Imports standardized pavement modeling data and work orders into Cityworks.

API’s: Metrics, Service Request, Work Order, Document Management. Developer toolkits for third-party applications that integrate to Cityworks.


City, County & Local Government Call centers, Customer service, Airports, Marinas, Engineering, Forestry, Cemeteries, Police and Fire departments, Fleet Management, Landfills, Emergency management and response, FEMA reporting, Sanitation, Permitting, License renewals, Code enforcement, Land development, Plan reviews, Inspections, Fee calculations and collection, Abatements, Hearings

Water, Storm & Wastewater Water – distribution, treatment, meters, storage/reservoir; Wastewater – collection, treatment; Stormwater; Backflow prevention

Streets, Traffic & Transportation Streets – potholes, resurfacing, sweeping, snow removal, pavement markings; Street lighting; Street trees; Traffic – signals, signs; Parking meters

Facility Management Facility management encompasses managing, operating, and maintaining assets inside buildings or other structures. Modeling mechanical, electrical (circuits, breakers, lighting), heating/AC, plumbing, and security systems for office buildings, treatment plants, pump stations, electrical substations, and other facilities inside the geodatabase allows work activities to be tracked on these assets, just as for any GIS features. Managing facilities using GIS where information on equipment, warranties, space utilization, energy consumption, and safety inspections contributes to informed decision making and improved efficiency in work order processing and routing.

Electric, Gas, and Telco Electric – distribution, plant, transmission, Gas – distribution, Cable, Fiber optics, Telecommunications

Parks & Recreation

Cityworks Users

Managers While not typically interacting with Cityworks at the level of detail of individual work activities, managers often need to view overall status, performance indicators, and other reports summarizing work activities.

GIS Professionals & Developers Cityworks offers tools, components, and software that help extend and deploy GIS applications on multiple platforms. Developers can use the Cityworks API to create third-party applications using the Cityworks engine.

IT Professionals InstallatioOffice & Field Users Comprise the greatest number of Cityworks users, office and field users interact with the system at a detailed work activity level. This interaction requires a variety of solutions, ranging from traditional desktop applications, web applications, mobile tools and software, and other specific tools for specialized types of work activities.
ns of Cityworks support a wide variety of IT environments including traditional desktops, web servers, database servers, ArcGIS servers, cloud environments, mobile connectivity, virtual servers, and network configurations.

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