Characteristics of Organizations Best Served by Cityworks
Cityworks is most successful in those organizations where GIS plays a key role in their asset management. Designed for agencies that care for capital assets, infrastructure and facilities, our approach is unique in the industry, leveraging the inherent value and investment of your Geographic Information System (GIS) database and software.

Cityworks has been successful in organizations of all sizes. Cityworks is highly scalable and can be setup for operation by a single user in a single department or multiple users in the field and/or the office across multiple departments using a variety of devices.

Cityworks system environments include Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop/ Engine/Server with SQL Server or Oracle databases. This allows Cityworks to be operated on a Desktop, a laptop connected to the system, or a laptop disconnected from the system, or a combination. Cityworks enables cross-compatibility among our product suite while facilitating integration with other business systems.

Market sectors and industries are primarily government entities. These can include Utilities: water/wastewater, stormwater, electric, others; Public Works: buildings/facilities, streets, street trees, lighting, sanitation, others; Other Uses: parks and recreation, call centers, airports, forestry, permitting and licensing, code enforcement, and other uses.

Nearly all Cityworks clients have existing work processes in place upon implementation: data collection, specific codes and identifiers, work order and service request processes; identification and location of the problem, assignment and notification, emergencies, scheduling and planning preventative maintenance, projects, creation and closure of records, and reporting.

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