Facility Management

Facility management is a broad discipline which encompasses managing, operating, and maintaining assets inside buildings or other structures. It may also include finding optimal sites and designs for new construction. Modeling mechanical, electrical (circuits, breakers, lighting), heating/AC, plumbing, and security systems for office buildings, treatment plants, pump stations, electrical substations, and other facilities inside the geodatabase allows work activities to be tracked on these assets, just as for any GIS features.

Managing facilities using GIS where information on equipment, warranties, space utilization, energy consumption, and safety inspections (fire, elevator, etc.) is related to spatial data contributes to informed decision making and improved efficiency in work order processing and routing. It can also be used for modeling, analyzing, and monitoring the use of energy, water, and/or space to make facilities more efficient and sustainable.

Cityworks is an ideal solution for facility management when coupled with Esri’s ArcGIS. Diagrams can be added to Cityworks Facility Manager and set up with hierarchies for selecting features and/or their related objects on which to create work orders.

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