Parks & Recreation

Asset management is critical to keeping parks and recreation facilities safe and enjoyable.  Many agencies are recognizing the need to better manage these dynamic assets—often among the few that appreciate in value.  With limited resources and economic pressures combined with the ever-increasing demand for high-quality parks and recreation facilities, managers want to get the most from every asset.  Facilities, benches, playing fields, pools, and even trees and vegetation can  be successfully managed with Cityworks.

GIS provides a unique platform to manage these features.  Many parks departments use GIS to analyze the wide variety of data associated with a park, ball field, courts, irrigation system, trees, lawns, docks, and hosts of other related assets.  Cityworks is the only solution fully integrated with GIS, providing GIS-centric asset management to extend the life of these investments.

Cityworks provides a unique set of tools and applications to manage the daily operations of parks departments. Extending the core capabilities of the GIS, Cityworks provides users with an intuitive map view for tracking customer concerns, inspections, and work orders with their associated labor, materials, and equipment.  Cityworks provides tools to manage business operations for parks, recreation facilities, trails, marinas, and cemeteries as it leverages the inherent capabilities of the GIS to model these assets.

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