Streets, Traffic & Transportation

In the transportation industries, asset management is crucial to keeping the infrastructure safe and usable. Many agencies have deployed technologies to better manage their dynamic assets—frequently the largest and most critical public investment. Cityworks maximizes limited resources with an ever-increasing demand on highways, rail, and transit systems.

GIS provides a unique platform for managing transportation features.  Today many streets and highway departments use GIS to analyze the vast array of data associated with road segments, bridges, signs, signals, rail, runways, and a host of other related features.  Cityworks is the only solution that is fully integrated with GIS, providing true GIS-based asset management to extend the life of these investments and keep them safe and operational.

Cityworks provides a unique set of tools and applications to manage the daily business operations for highways, streets, traffic, railroads, transit, and airports.  Cityworks leverages the inherent capabilities of the GIS to model linear features and integrate disparate and related types of data, such as images and CAD drawings.  The integrated map view of our user-friendly applications allow users to visualize scheduled work, ongoing activities, recurring maintenance problems, and historical information.

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