Water, Stormwater & Wastewater

The daily demands on water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities are daunting. Maintaining the flow of services to homes and businesses is a full-time responsibility. And with today’s environmental concerns, many agencies are also managing the proper conveyance and treatment of stormwater and reclaimed water.  As a result, utilities are tending to an increasing variety of assets and tracking more than just location and condition.  Water mains, hydrants, pumps, detention ponds, gravity mains, and manholes all require regular inspection, condition assessment, and maintenance.  Cityworks, the only certified GIS-centric asset management solution meets the demand.

Many utilities today use GIS technology to model their utility networks and integrate disparate and related data types (raster images, CAD drawings).  Cityworks unique GIS-centric approach improves maintenance and daily operations, allowing agencies to organize, manage, and maintain asset information within an intuitive map interface.  Easy-to-use tools allow users to visualize scheduled work, ongoing activities, recurring maintenance problems, and historical information.  Network tracing can be used to analyze specific service situations like main breaks, stoppages, upstream and downstream flows, etc. Based on open technology, the GIS supports a wide variety of applications, including warehouse inventory and SCADA.  Cityworks enables organization to receive and respond to customer concerns as well as create and track work activities and inspections with labor, materials, and equipment.

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