The Cityworks Suite Cityworks provides comprehensive public asset and work management solutions for infrastructure as well as land-based, location-focused activities. The Cityworks suite of products offers the most robust software available to leverage your GIS investment without the added costs of integration or data synchronization.


Server AMS A GIS-centric web application for infrastructure asset management.


Server PLL (Permits, Licensing, and Land), an asset management solution for managing community development, which is also GIS-centric.


Desktop ArcGIS desktop extension fully integrated with Cityworks Server for infrastructure asset management.


Anywhere Similar to Desktop, however utilizes ArcGIS Engine as its map interface and is designed to work in mobile, disconnected situations.


Storeroom Designed to track warehouse transactions


Administrative Tools Designed to manage and build a customized Cityworks environment


Designer– Used to configure and customize Cityworks application.


DB Manager– Maintains and updates the Cityworks database, supports SQLServer, Oracle, and SQL Express.


Peripheral Tools and API’s A range of add-ons that expands its functionality for certain specific situations


Equipment Manager A simple, yet powerful tool, for reserving facilities, equipment, and other fixed or mobile assets.


CCTV Interface for PACP Imports CCTV readings and data into Cityworks for external pipe inspection camera systems.


Pavement Management Interface Imports standardized pavement modeling data and work orders into Cityworks.


API’s Metrics, Service Request, Work Order, Document Management. Developer toolkits for third-party applications that integrate to Cityworks.

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