Cityworks includes a powerful, yet easy-to-use administration tool to manage your work environment.  Cityworks Designer is used to manage employees, materials, equipment and work order templates.  As well, users can manage security, login access and general preferences.  Designer was incorporated into the core Cityworks package to allow users the ability to control and manage their specific situation.

Cityworks Designer allows users the ability to control and manage their Cityworks environment.  From defining work domains to administering warehouse criteria, parameters are user-defined.  Work flow is easily managed using a series of templates.  Starting with defining Domains, the Cityworks Administrator (DBA) would set up security for each domain.  From there, Domain Groups can be organized and employees added.

For example, a municipal public works agency may define several domains for water and wastewater, electric, streets and stormwater, signs and signals.  Moreover, others can be added, as needed.

Employees are added using the Employee template of the import data function.  Similarly, Contractors, Materials, Equipment and other elements are input into the system.  Tasks can be used to define specific and procedural steps to completing work.

The Work Order Template tool is used to define work orders for specific assets.  For example, the Wastewater Gravity Main asset has several pre-defined work order options; Dye Test, Inspect, Point Repair, etc.  These describe general work activities done to maintain the mainline.  Activities are user definable and can easily be cloned, or copied, to other assets in order to save time configuring templates.  When a user then selects a Wastewater Gravity Main to create a work order, the activity selections defined in Designer appear in the work order form.

Designer is also used to define Problem codes for service requests and set up the asset inventory configuration.  Service request forms can also be scripted to guide call takers through a series of questions to help identify the nature of a situation.

Cityworks contains the ability to customize work orders specific to the needs of each group or division. This includes being able to create work orders for any geodatabase asset, security per division and asset, support of user-defined fields and user-defined inspections, and customizable printouts of work order and service request information.

Cityworks security is centrally managed through a set of user and group permissions. Access is managed through Cityworks Designer, the system administration program.

Through Designer, administrators can set users, groups, and their permissions through a simple interface. Access to all forms in the Cityworks system can be managed through Designer.

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