Cityworks Anywhere

Cityworks Anywhere incorporates Esri’s ArcGIS Engine, embedding a map and common GIS tools in a lighter, more portable framework, ideally suited for field, remote, and mobile users.  Like the other Cityworks applications, Cityworks Anywhere seamlessly interacts with the same asset inventory stored in Esri’s geodatabase.  Because it provides all the power and flexibility of Cityworks in a cost-effective system optimized for field maintenance personnel and other non-GIS professionals, Cityworks Anywhere is the perfect complement to your enterprise asset management (EAM) solution.

Cityworks DataPump

Coupled with Desktop or Anywhere, DataPump is a complete disconnected mobile solution. This check-out system saves Cityworks service requests and/or work orders with related inspections to a SQL Server 2005 or 2008 Express database on a PC notebook or laptop for field access and updating.  Checked-out items can still be viewed by any Cityworks user but only updated to the person that checked them out.  The central database is updated at check-in.  DataPump is included with Cityworks Desktop and supports all of its functionality.

Cityworks supports a paperless office approach, allowing users to take service requests, work orders, tests and inspections into the field on portable devices, such as laptops or tablet computers.  Using Cityworks DataPump, a user can log in and extract all new and outstanding service requests and work orders, loading them onto the remote computer.  In the field, the user can easily update, edit and complete work, which in turn updates the Cityworks database upon return to the office. Cityworks also supports real-time wireless network protocols, allowing work to be managed across the wide-area-network (WAN).  Cityworks Anywhere is ideally suited for remote work management.

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