Cityworks supports a variety of API (Application Programming Interface) tools which allow creation of service requests, work orders, and other functions from third party applications. These are licensed and sold separately.


Service Request API
Service Request API (Application Programming Interface) – An interface that allows citizens to access an organization’s website to enter request information online and push this information into the Cityworks database to create service requests.  The API contains the building blocks for developing the service request site so the programming is consistent with the operating environment and Cityworks.  The Service Request API typically requires configuration services.

Work Order API
Work Order API (Application Programming Interface) – An interface that has been developed that facilitates the creation of work orders from 3rd party applications. The web service carries a license fee. The Work Order API typically requires configuration services.

Metrics API
Metrics API (Application Programming Interface)— The Cityworks Metrics Web Service API supports work order creation based on “metrics” or equipment measurements and readings such as mileage, hours of operation, temperature, and gallons. Utilizing inherent Cityworks triggers, data values sent via the service can trigger both routine and emergency work orders.

The XML-based service, which supports requests generated in both .Net and Java environments, utilizes a business logic that analyzes data values for routine, threshold, or emergency work activities. The API application would be useful to any organization interested in increasing the ease and efficiency at which they collect external data to generate work orders on equipment and facilities. The Metrics API typically requires configuration services.

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