Cityworks Interface for PACP is an interface enabling direct link to PACP (Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program) compliant closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection systems.  The interface is a bidirectional application allowing users to pass data between the Cityworks database to a PACP database and back again.

Integration is possible by way of NASSCO PACP data format. The ability exists to integrate with CCTV sewer inspection data, including ability to display digital video and generate condition rating from CCTV data.

Cityworks Interface for PACP allows data to be imported into the Cityworks TVInspection tables. Pipe ratings are calculated during the import routine based on the PACP condition index value. In addition to importing TV Inspection data, the interface does provide an export function allowing for GIS mainline and Cityworks work order data to be exported to the database. The export is based on field mappings between the GIS and the PACP data exchange database and limited by the PACP database constraints.

Field mapping is supported between the PACP database and the Cityworks database or geodatabase for both exports and imports.

Cityworks work order data is exported to a blank PACP exchange database, populating the pipe segment IDs and other applicable fields using the Export view of CCTV Interface for PACP.  This data from the PACP exchange database is loaded into any third-party database using their software.  The observations from the TV inspection are then added to a PACP database, using the third-party software program.

Cityworks Database Manager automatically runs the script to load the codes on the CCTV Codes tab of Cityworks Designer Others tab under Codes.  The CCTV tab in Cityworks Designer displays the standard PACP codes defined by NASSCO.

The Configure tab sets the location of the blank PACP master export database as well as the default image and video paths, has an option for writing the actions performed by the interface to a log file, and configure field mappings for exporting and /or importing between the PACP database and the Cityworks database or the geodatabase.  The CCTV Interface for PACP has specific hard-wired field mappings from the Cityworks database (work order and TV Inspection tables) to the PACP database as these fields cannot be null in PACP.  However, any user-defined field mappings for these fields will override these hard-wired defaults.

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