Pavement Analysis Interface 

Pavement Analysis Interface is designed for organizations that use MicroPAVER, the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL) program for pavement management.  Cityworks  provides the work management system and access to the geodatabase for PAVER through the interface.

Pavement inventory, work activities, and inspections are established and maintained in the Cityworks work management system.  This information is exported to MicroPAVER to calculate the PCI (Pavement Condition Index), perform pavement analysis, and utilize past pavement work histories to predict future pavement conditions.  MicroPAVER is also of significant value in planning pavement maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) because it can set priorities of work to be done according to pavement condition and/or limit the work to a budgeted amount and available resources.  This information can be transferred from MicroPAVER to Cityworks to schedule and track the work orders.  PCI can also be imported into the condition field in the geodatabase.

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