Web GIS-centric Platform

Cityworks AMS enables local government and utilities to leverage their GIS and manage their capital assets, infrastructure, and automates these work processes:

  • Call center
  • Service requests
  • Work orders, including cyclical work
  • Inspections, tests, and condition assessments
  • Resources, storerooms, projects, and contracts
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Mobile workforce
  • Interfacing to other systems (accounting, billing, etc.)

Cityworks AMS incorporates a palette of tools, tabs, and links in a highly customizable environment, allowing Cityworks to be deployed as a full platform across a department, division, or the entire organization allowing for complete functionality from the field to the office.

Cityworks AMS includes many distinctive capabilities above and beyond a core work management system.  The solution supports an array of business processes for work orders, inspections, and service requests in a security-enabled environment.  These along with full map interaction with Esri ArcGIS®, optimize your GIS-centric asset inventory, maintenance history, and reporting functions available to system users providing a data insights to make better business decisions.  The user interface is customizable with respect to display styles, form layout, data fields, and viewing and editing capabilities to maximize functionality for your teams.

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