Cityworks offers a secure, scalable, and functionally comprehensive platform deployed across desktop, web, mobile and online channels. Cityworks is supported on Windows,  it can be deployed on public cloud infrastructures and can take advantage of virtualization using VMWare, Hyper-V and Citrix. Cityworks can use ESRI spatial data from Oracle and SQL Server.

Cloud Computing: Cloud infrastructures offer a means to quickly mobilize GIS projects with minimal capital expenditure. ArcGIS is supported with machine images on the Amazon Web Service platform.

Virtualization: For those running their own infrastructure virtualization can offer distinct benefits.

Web Applications: Most GIS Users now want to interact with Web based GIS systems on their Intranet or over the public Internet. Cityworks provides an of out of the box configurable web applications which can be deployed without developer intervention.

Web Services : Cityworks Server is a powerful middle tier engine on which to build a custom Services Orientated Architecture (SOA). An SOA can provision web services to desktop, web, mobile and online channels and support collaboration with internal and external applications ans users.

Mobile Support : It’s in the nature of most organizations that use GIS that their assets and personnel are geographically distributed. Cityworks has several field solutions that are based on Internet connected or disconnected technologies.

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