In the traditional management world, managers and directors are fed a constant stream of reports and updates. While this often provides management staff with a viable set of data from which decisions can be made, it also comes at a high price. Staff time and resources required to help make informed decisions can easily eat away at the very cost savings. Cityworks provides an alternative to expensive staff reporting processes and a time consuming information lag that helps managers understand issues with real-time technology.


By layering the work flow processes over the organization’s GIS, managers can easily see issues both spatially and in tabular presentations. The Cityworks InBox, heat and event layer mapping provide managers with simple to make and easy to understand maps, reports, and charts for a wide range of management needs. The InBox contains any number of reports that allow the manager to drill down to any level of detail, event layers show the spatial extent of reports in map form, and heat mapping allows managers to aggregate occurrences of events and visualize data in more of an aggregate model.




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