Business Licensing

Licensing is the principle means for government agencies to ensure and regulate business and professional practice.  Cityworks Server PLL manages and tracks licenses for such things as contractors, businesses, trades, hazardous waste, alcohol sales, and many others. Typically, licenses are issued for a specific duration.  Renewable by application – a process managed in Cityworks Server PLL – licensing uses much of the same functionality as other processes in the system though specific licenses can be noted and managed differently.

Licensing agencies benefit from easy-to-use workflow integration tools, embedded audit system, and custom capabilities that go beyond the core features of Cityworks Server PLL. Often, licenses may have related licenses associated to it. These sub-licenses can be easily added to the main licenses, adding associated fees applied at any time through the license cycle. Cityworks Server PLL accurately tracks expiration dates on rolling year, specific day, or through defined cycles.  License renewal notices can be generated in bulk and can be processed manually or automatically, while historic data is maintained in the audit log.  Trade licenses can be linked to contractors, and businesses can apply and pay for licensing online.


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