Code Enforcement

Local governments enact ordinances to balance the values and lifestyle the community seeks to maintain for the common good of its citizens and visitors.  Of these ordinances, most are aimed at protecting the safety and welfare of residents, mitigating criminal activity and upholding property values.  The effects of code enforcement deliver a safer, healthier and more attractive environment for residents and businesses.

Enforcing these ordinances is the responsibility of local government agencies through defined and managed process. No matter the organization’s structure, Cityworks Server PLL provides an accurate and powerful interface for the day-to-day management of code compliance cases.

Most code enforcement issues arise through citizen complaints.  Cityworks Server PLL provides an intuitive set of tools to enable constituent interaction through an online Citizens Request portal, e-mail, telephone or in person. Call takers log calls and complaints in Service Requests that are automatically routed to the appropriate department or person.  Requests can be filtered based on a geographic area and scheduled accordingly.

As violations are established, a case can be created to track the mitigation and compliance process. Workflows can be defined to track the notice of violation, follow up inspections, and any other tasks through the process. Easy-to-use “pick lists” can be defined describing specific and unique violation types for any organization.  Similarly, code violation letters can be accurately and quickly generated and include pictures, videos and other supporting documents to validate the case.

Code violations are visible in real time in the Cityworks Server PLL map-view interface where agencies can define their own graphics and layers to track specific case types. Lists and scheduled inspections can be saved and displayed in the Cityworks Server PLL Inbox, which includes officers’ notes and comments. High priority violations can be forwarded to specific departments for more appropriate action. Often times, a work order is created which can be linked to the case.


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