Customer Care

Meeting customer demands is an integral part of asset and maintenance management.  Capturing customer issues and needs is as much a part of a maintenance system as doing actual work.  Customers are often the first to recognize problems.  Agencies have long recognized the need to listen to customers and accurately identify problems and affect often immediate resolution.  Cityworks is designed to help organizations care for their customers using built-in, easy-to-use software.

Required maintenance may be initiated as a result of a call or complaint.  Cityworks Service Request provides the means for users to capture customer needs, collect caller information, and track the caller’s request. A service request is typically created after a caller notifies the agency of a problem occurring at a specific location.

Cityworks Service Request contains fields to collect a wide variety of important data. It is often difficult to resolve the exact cause of an issue from a telephone call. Thus, the service request can be issued to an inspector who may visit the site, interact with the caller if needed, and explore the situation to refine the actual incident.  If warranted, the inspector may generate a work order to remedy the situation.


Service request functionality includes:

 Customer and previous caller information lookup
Labor costs
Multiple Callers on a request
Combine requests into a single request
Automatic notification of another request in the area
Spatial display of requests on the map
User defined problem codes
Question & answer scripting configured to problem type
Email to customer or internal notification
Customizable printout per problem type
Search, retrieve, and reports
Association to work orders where required

Cityworks maintains a dynamic link between the service request and the work order.  As work is completed, the service request is automatically updated and both the work order and the service request can be closed simultaneously.  In addition, the caller can be notified by email automatically upon work order creation or closure, or manually as needed.

It is often determined during the field investigation of a service request that the apparent problem is a private concern or unrelated to the agency.  These service requests can be sent to the appropriate agency, yet capture the comments, time and costs associated with the customer call or site visit.

Service requests may be related to an owned asset, requiring attention and additional resources to affect a remedy. The inspector is able to initiate a work order based on field observations and include comments or specific instructions to advise work crews.


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