Expense Management

Work activities can be tracked as to the resources and effort needed for each activity. Cityworks has the capability to report on these work activities, providing cost details and estimates. Each of the work activities can be linked to labor, materials, equipment, contract services, and specific assets, and tasks. Labor, materials, and equipment can be defined on a work order template as estimated cost and units/hours. The work order records actual costs while storing the estimated costs from the template.

Cityworks can provide estimates as to the amount of resources required for each activity type. Past performance and resources tracked in Cityworks can also be used as a guideline for determining resources needed for future workloads.

Using the search tools provided in Cityworks or third party report tools, administrators can easily determine resource costs and projected costs.  Labor, materials, and equipment are organized in user-defined hierarchies. Costs can be adjusted to the specific resources on a periodic basis, either manually or in batch mode. Cost adjustments can also be made to the work order template estimated resources, at any time, thereby matching the plan throughout the year.


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