Work Management System

Cityworks work management system is capable of tracking resource utilization for labor, materials, and equipment. The system is flexible allowing agencies to design, organize and modify resources to effectively manage their use. In addition, resources costs can be tracked as estimated and actual.

Resource tracking is intuitive and organized by category – labor, material, and equipment.  Tracking resources is done through its corresponding area in the work order form and can be performed in the office or in the field. Cityworks can manage labor, material, and equipment from separate tools, or in a single integrated tool named ELM for faster data entry.

Cityworks accounts for labor hours and costs associated with a work order, service request, or inspection.  The labor type can include employees or contractors with each having its own hierarchy to choose from.  Both estimated and actual resource usage is tracked. Summary costs statistics are available for each work order, and can be broken out by resource.

Cost types can be defined with a set of definable cost types, or using default static cost types, i.e. regular, overtime, etc.

The Material windowpane of the work order tracks materials used and associated costs to complete a work order. At any time, the user can view estimated and actual materials assigned to the work order along with associated costs.  Materials can be added or removed based on actual usage. Materials can also be drawn from warehouse inventory as they are encumbered and used. When implemented with Cityworks Storeroom (add-on software), users can track transactions while having additional security and functions.

Stock on hand is adjusted as materials are recorded onto a work order. If materials are removed from a work order, the stock on hand is adjusted to reflect a return to the storeroom. Material usage can be associated directly to tasks and asset entities.

Work orders track equipment used by hour and associated cost to complete the work order. Equipment can be associated to specific assets and/or tasks on a work order.

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