Reporting and Analytics

Cityworks contains ad-hoc search and report tools to query the work management data.  Searches can be performed displaying future scheduled work, overdue work orders, assignments to specific people, across date ranges and a wide variety of parameters.  Nearly every field in Cityworks is searchable, allowing for comprehensive data reporting.

Designed from the ground up as an open system, the Cityworks work management database is available to users, with published data structures.  This allows users to look for and extract information that can be used to support preventative maintenance planning, budget analysis, work load balancing, periodic summaries and other business needs.

Search results can be set up to show a variety of data. Any fields used on a work order can be used in a search, which can form the basis of an ad-hoc report. These fields include account number, address, asset, status, dates, contractor, billability, and others.

The Cityworks search engine includes the following:

Allows multiple searching fields
Search by wildcard for address names
Search on comment text strings
Save searches
Saved searches can be used as basis for display as event layer
Combine searches, displaying results of both in a single list
Sort, rearrange columns, and remove records from list, in search results
Highlight assets on map from selected records of search results
Print reports

Ad-hoc reports can be sorted and grouped by field into multiple descriptive displays.  For example, a report may be able to group a set of Service Requests by Request Category as well as by Description.  The result would illustrate which category receives the most requests, together with which type of request is most common.

Ad-hoc results can be displayed in graphs, charts, tables and spreadsheets or exported to Microsoft Office products (Access, Excel, Word) or other products for further analysis or presentation.  The report tools support Bar, Line and Column formats as well as 3D views.

Users can easily create and save predefined reports.  Reports can be shared among enterprise users, departments and divisions.

A unique capability of Cityworks, search and reporting by geography can be easily done using the fully integrated GIS interface.  Search by feature, feature type, map page, tile numbers, or any other data element defined in the GIS.  Reports can all be associated to a specified geographical region or spatial data type.  For example, a user may wish to understand labor costs associated to a specific region or a specified boundary.

Cityworks is compatible with any third-party ODBC compliant search and reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, a widely used application. Being an open database model, it is easy to access Cityworks work data using other applications, as well.


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