Permits, Licensing & Fees

Cityworks Server PLL uses fee codes to track and calculate assessments for permits, cases and applications. Fee codes can be defined by the agency and linked directly to a workflow template.

Designed specifically to meet the complex calculations types common to public agencies, Cityworks Server PLL supports flat, incremental, variable, linear, percentage, and minimum fee structures.  Permission based override and flagging allows for extenuating circumstances that may arise in a permit and case.  Fees and account numbers are stored in the system allowing for fast yet detailed reports.  New fee schedules and effective dates can be set to automatically recalculate with no downtime for updating fees.

Payment and Cashiering

Cityworks Server PLL has a built-in cashiering tool designed to manage financial transactions. Applicants can pay for one or more fee or permit or receive a refund or partial refund in a single transaction, receiving a receipt on the spot.  Financial data can be easily queried to illustrate balances due, delinquent fees and related information. Fully audited, Cityworks Server PLL enables fast, confident results.  Azteca Systems, Inc. also hosts an array of financial reports derived by other Cityworks Server PLL users online at

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