One of the most important aspects of corporate software is quality user support.  Our goal is to have the very best customer support in the industry.  We recognize if a user cannot use the software to their fullest expectation, it doesn’t matter how great the software is.  We endeavor to respond to inquiries in a timely manner.  If a software problem causes the software to not function as designed, our programming staff’s number one priority is to resolve the problem.

Implementations are handled by the assigned Project Manager.  Once the project is completed, user support is provided by the Customer Support Representative for your geographical area.They can assist with problems, enhancement requests, and questions specific to Cityworks software.  Support is available by phone, email, interactive web meetings, and VPN connections.  Additional support is available for perusing 24/7 at the website.

Our Update and Support agreement supplies you with subsequent upgrades, enhancements and bug fixes for future releases of the licensed applications as long as the annual renewal is current.  New versions of the software are generally available annually.  Prior versions of the software continue to be supported for one year following the release of a new version.

Azteca also publishes InPrint, a quarterly publication featuring information on public asset managment, implementations, client sites, business partners, etc.  In addition, we exhibit and present the Cityworks applications at a number of conferences throughout the U.S.

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