There were so many amazing ideas shared at this year’s conference! We can’t begin to count them all, but here are 20 of our favorite quotes from the main stage presentations. 

1. “Cityworks and ArcGIS together provide the backbone to help you improve your operations, respond to community needs, and do good locally.”

—Brian Haslam, CEO, Cityworks

2. “Because the GIS-centric platform is open, your organization can achieve incremental improvements by adding to its core with smart technology empowering GIS intelligence.”

—Brian Haslam, CEO, Cityworks

3. “In an intelligent urban ecosystem, information is shared freely and easily among departments and citizens and used to advance clear priorities.”

—Becky Tamashasky, VP of Vision & Engineering, Cityworks

4. “It’s time to think beyond smart cities and take it to the next level where you are empowering GIS intelligence to lead the way to help create a stronger community, state, and nation.”

—Becky Tamashasky, VP of Vision & Engineering, Cityworks

5. “Digital plan submission from engineers allows our inspectors to use Collector on their iPads to view construction plans out in the field as the infrastructure is being installed.”

—Ashlyn Freeman, Business Process Analyst, and Carl Alexander, GIS Director, White House Utility District, TN

6. “The breakthrough isn’t AI—it’s that AI is now accessible by mere mortals like you and me.”

—Chad Foley, Enterprise Application Engineer, City of Raleigh, NC

7. “What if we could avoid the damage and the disruption from water main breaks, and what if we could do that by simply giving the pipes themselves a voice?”

—George Mastakas, VP of Enterprise Solutions, Cityworks

8. “Connecting Trimble IoT real-time data with Cityworks and ArcGIS enables proactive asset management to reduce infrastructure failure and asset repair costs.”

—Rami Naber, Product Manager, Trimble

9. “GIS mapping and geospatial infrastructure have never been so important.”

—Damian Spangrud, Director of Solutions, Esri

10. “We have been working closely with the ArcGIS Indoors team at Esri and are completely embracing the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model.”

—Mitch Ottessen, Subject Matter Expert, Cityworks

11. “If you’re not ready for risk analysis but have condition and other attributes, now your organization can leverage Operational Insights to gather location intelligence for your infrastructure strategies.”

—Dinorah Sanchez, Subject Matter Expert, Cityworks

12. “Operational Insights has helped our team transform how we import, analyze, and share our risk and criticality data.”

—Jessica Gooch, Water Resources Asset Manager, City of Portland, ME

13. “In sharing vital maps created in Operational Insights, it changes the perspective of staff who are used to viewing data in tables. This spatial view brings the data into context, patterns arise, and planning for next steps can begin.”

—Jessica Gooch, Water Resources Asset Manager, City of Portland, ME

14. “Powerful new PLL functionality in 15.5, Respond 2.0, and other recently released versions of the Cityworks platform make it easier than ever for your organization to operate efficiently and make effective decisions based on actionable data.”

—Cara Haslam, Subject Matter Expert, Cityworks

15. “Public Access offers a strong solution to the need for a public-facing permitting application.”

—Dan Puerling, Subject Matter Expert, Cityworks

16. “There was a gap between state and municipal requirements when it comes to business permitting. Once a business gets through all those high-level state requirements, they still had additional requirements they needed to meet at the municipal level, but they weren’t connected. With the City of Greenwood, we had an opportunity to explore and integrate the state and municipal permitting process. And due to the flexibility of Cityworks PLL and InBiz, we were able to connect the two existing pieces of technology and make it work.” 

—Lindsey Mayes, INBiz PMO Director, Indiana Secretary of State Office and Tom Maggard, GIS Technician, City of Greenwood, IN

17. “We’re obsessed with understanding the users of our technology.”

—Steve Berglund, President & CEO, Trimble, Inc.

18. “Cityworks and Trimble is a powerful combination with significant potential in the future to become more than we are at this point and time.”

—Steve Berglund, President & CEO, Trimble, Inc.

19. “It doesn’t matter how many resources you have. If you don’t know how to use them, it will never be enough.”

—Kristen Cox, State of Utah, Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Budget & Management

20. “Don’t confuse data with understanding. Be very specific on the question you are trying to answer.”

—Kristen Cox, State of Utah, Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Budget & Management