This past year has brought unique challenges and has pushed everyone to reorient the way they manage their public assets and serve their community. We have been impressed by the resilience and innovation that has been shown by Cityworks users. Each conference, we feel it is important to recognize organizations/clients that are doing an exemplary job of serving their communities. Congratulations to these winners of 2021!

Excellence in Enterprise Practice Award

The excellence in enterprise practice award recognizes clients who use Cityworks throughout several departments in a high-quality manner. These clients offer great examples of how Cityworks enterprise solutions can help improve work, planning, budgeting, and communication across an entire organization.

City of Stockton, California

The City of Stockton, California, has done amazing work within the 7 years that they have been using Cityworks and ArcGIS. Both the Public Works Department and the Municipal Utilities Department have implemented Cityworks AMS, along with various integrations, such as Ask Stockton and EJ Ward. They have utilized Cityworks to help manage everything from parks, traffic signals, and streetlights—to sewer treatment plants, sanitary water lines, and much more. Perhaps their most beneficial achievement has been their conversion to a paperless workflow. All of their work orders, public requests, and activity data are now organized and tracked in a paperless fashion.

City of Weatherford, Texas

The City of Weatherford, Texas, began using Cityworks in 2013 in their water and wastewater and electric utility departments, but eventually expanded to a variety of other departments including parks and recreation, transportation, and public works. Their most notable achievement has been their outstanding use of Cityworks Storeroom. As a result of migrating to a centralized system of record and improved communication, their inventory audit saw a change in variance of negative $66,706 (0.02%) to positive $3,067 (0.00089%) in the first fiscal year after implementation. The City of Weatherford also makes good use of various integrations. Field crews and warehouse staff use Freeance Mobile for Cityworks on iPads. They have also recently implemented a WinCan CCTV integration that has improved time savings for water and wastewater. Other integrations include PAVER for calculating condition scores for streets and Rock Solid, which powers their myWeatherford app to engage the public.

City of Tallahassee, Florida

The City of Tallahassee, Florida, has done an excellent job serving their community with the help of Cityworks and ArcGIS. They have fully leveraged their use of Cityworks PLL and have been able to transition into a paperless permitting process. Currently, they use Cityworks AMS to help manage a handful assets including utilities, public infrastructure, parks and recreation, storm response, community beautification, waste management, traffic, airports, electric plants, and much more. Tallahassee is living proof that an innovative team with great governance and vision can make a difference in their community by using Cityworks in an inventive way.

Halifax Water Commission, Canada

Since their first implementation in 2016, Halifax Water Commission, Canada, has understood that Cityworks is not a stagnant platform and have continuously expanded its use as their organization’s needs have shifted. They have done an amazing job streamlining data and workflows in their treatment plants, lift stations, pump houses, and many other facilities. Halifax Water Commission is a true ambassador of Cityworks and ArGIS in Canada and have provided user stories and presentations at many Canadian user conferences, as well as on Esri Canada’s website.

City of Cleveland, Ohio

The City of Cleveland, Ohio, is an exemplar of enterprise vision. Since 2013, they have used Cityworks to improve a myriad of workflows within their organization. Cleveland currently uses a number of products within the Cityworks platform, including: AMS, Storeroom, Pavement Management, and mobile apps—all of which help them manage the daily operations of multiple divisions and departments. They have done an incredible job of ensuring that public assets in their community are properly maintained. They have applied Cityworks to everything from pothole repairs and hydrant inspections to generating pavement condition scores and managing their 311 Call Center. The City of Cleveland continues to be future-oriented and plans on expanding their Cityworks use to the Cleveland Airport, Cleveland Public Power, and are always looking for new ways to use integrations and APIs.

Excellence in Departmental Practice Award

The excellence in departmental practice award highlights Cityworks clients who have helped transform their departments. These clients demonstrate leadership and creativity in applying public asset management strategies to daily operations and long-term planning with Cityworks.

City of Alcoa Public Works & Engineering Department, Tennessee

The Public Works & Engineering Department in Alcoa, Tennessee, is a great example of what a single department can achieve during a digital transformation while overcoming constraints in staff and resources. The personnel in the Public Works & Engineering Department are dedicated to using Cityworks, and with the help of very talented staff and supportive leadership, they have achieved incredible benchmarks—including developing a custom pavement inspection that has been shared at several user conferences and various RUGs. The success of Cityworks and ArcGIS in the Public Works & Engineering Department has resulted in the implementation of Cityworks in other areas—including fleet, vegetation management, warehouse, water, sanitation, stormwater, streets, engineering and is expanding to the Planning Department (which will use Cityworks PLL).

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, Michigan

By utilizing Cityworks, along with multiple integrations and APIs, Detroit Water & Sewerage Department in Michigan has transformed and streamlined their departmental workflows. In a little over two years, the department has integrated Cityworks with Work Order API, MISS DIG, SeeClickFIX, Assetworks fleet dashboard, Innovyze, Enquest, and are planning on integrating Oracle Supply Chain to Cityworks Storeroom API. Since implementing Cityworks in their Maintenance and Repair Restoration team at the beginning of last year’s restoration season (April, 2020 to October, 2020), they reduced the amount of backlogged work orders from over 5,000 to 0. The team is currently on pace to complete the 2,000 work orders they have for this season. Detroit Water & Sewerage has also successfully tracked the inspection of over 30,000 fire hydrants by using ArcGIS Collector. Frankly, there are so many impressive improvements to mention that we cannot fit them in this section!

Central Arkansas Water, Arkansas

Central Arkansas Water completed their initial Cityworks implementation in 2008 and have since expanded its use to many departments, including billing, customer service, distribution, GIS, and maintenance. With each expansion, Central Arkansas Water has customized the end user experience to meet field and office personnel needs. They have become an exemplary client for their innovative use of the Cityworks platform. They are utilizing a number of integrations and APIs, including enQuesta and Cayenta (for billing, customer service, and service order generation) and Marshall GIS’ LiGO (to track vehicles). It is important to note that Central Arkansas Water is the first utility in North America to employ a highly-trained water leak detection K-9. This new canine member of the team is named Vessel and all the data gathered from her inspections are tracked and recorded using Cityworks.

Clayton County Water Authority, Georgia

Within the 15 years that Clayton County Water Authority has been our customers they have done some extraordinary things. Most notable, is their use of integrations and APIs, which they have leveraged to streamline a number of different departments. They have integrated Cityworks with Oracle JD Edwards to manage their finances and have been able to mitigate miscommunication and discrepancies between departments. The county now provides improved customer service and better response times through their use of Cayenta. With over 100 Cityworks users across their organization, Clayton County Water Authority continues to improve their service to the community through their implementation of Cityworks.

Truckee Meadows Water Authority, Nevada

Truckee Meadows Water Authority, is one of Cityworks’ first and most impactful plant references in the Western United States. They implemented Cityworks AMS in 2011 and soon after added PLL. They have made extensive use of both by monitoring meter sales, tracking new construction, and streamlining operations and maintenance workflows. The Truckee Meadows Water Authority team has done an excellent job using Cityworks and ArcGIS to manage and maintain their many assets and projects. They have pushed their internal teams to become nearly paperless, all while providing top-notch service to their community.

Excellence in Online Practice Award

The excellence in online practice award recognizes clients who use Cityworks Online, eURL, and other Cityworks tools to improve data accessibility, transparency, and accountability in their communities. These clients use data tools to tackle problems in creative and innovative ways.

City of Grand Rapids, Minnesota

The City of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, first implemented Cityworks in 2007 and have continued to be a wonderful client since. They have leveraged Cityworks PLL and Public Access to create an impressive online portal that has streamlined their ROW permit application process. This new online portal has increased their efficiency and has reduced labor costs. They have been able to provide a structured and transparent experience for their customers and staff during the pandemic, which has allowed them to continue their work in a safe manner.

City of Racine, Wisconsin

The City of Racine, Wisconsin, has been a powerhouse client since 2009 and recently won a Smart Cities award. When it comes to online practice, Racine leads the way with their implementation of Cityworks PLL API, which they use to track rental and commercial property registrations that are submitted through their public portal, called Rental Empowerment and Neighborhood Tenant Services (RENTS). In the first four months following their initial launch of RENTS (July 2020), they already had close to 6,000 properties registered. The City of Racine is a prime example of what can be done by using Cityworks PLL API and the creation of an online portal, not only to organize data, permits, and registrations—but also to enhance communication with the community. They have also made use of many other APIs and integrations such as—Munis, which is used by the finance department, and Rock Solid API, for enhanced community engagement.

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