Every day, professionals in the public sector work hard to ensure that communities around the world are safe, sustainable, and efficient. They work day-in and day-out to maintain the roads we drive on, deliver clean drinking water, make sure that the structures in w

hich we work and live are safe, and manage the thousands of other public assets found within our cities.

The hard work that is put into maintaining public infrastructure often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. This is why, each Innovate Conference, we strive to recognize a handful of exemplary organizations that are driving innovation in their communities.

The Cityworks Innovate Award gives us a chance to recognize organizations that go above and beyond in their use of Cityworks, Esri, and other technologies. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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Excellence in Enterprise Practice Award

The excellence in enterprise practice award recognizes clients who use Cityworks throughout several departments in a high-quality manner. These clients offer great examples of how Cityworks enterprise solutions can help improve work, planning, budgeting, and communication across an entire organization.

City of Carmel, Indiana

Since their initial implementation in 2016, the City of Carmel, Indiana, has worked to fully leverage their use of Cityworks at an enterprise level, expanding across nearly every department in their organization. They use Cityworks AMS, Cityworks PLL, ELM, and various integrations; including WinCan, DigSmart, Nearmap, OnBase, and more; to issue an average of 80,000 work orders and 4,500 permits annually. They have done an incredible job ensuring that the public assets in their communities are properly maintained and are stalwart advocates of Cityworks—participating in presenting at various conferences.

City of Rexburg, Idaho

The City of Rexburg, Idaho, has done amazing work within the 10 years that they have been using Cityworks. They are constantly looking for new and improved ways to serve their community and streamline their workflows. Over the years, they have expanded their use of Cityworks AMS and PLL to manage a handful of assets including solid waste, water, wastewater, streets, water treatment, stormwater, inspections, planning, and more. Rexburg has completely reshaped their plan review process and community development by utilizing Public Access and implementing integrations like DigEPlan and Xpress Billpay. They are living proof that an innovative team with a future-oriented mindset can make a difference in the community they serve.

>> View this video to learn how the City of Rexburg is using Cityworks PLL to enhance their community development and permitting workflows. 

Pinellas County, Florida

Pinellas County, Florida, is exemplary of enterprise vision. The county took a unique “full enterprise” approach to implementing Cityworks and ArcGIS, which included a multi-year, cross-departmental strategy (with help from Woolpert as an implementation partner). As of this year, Cityworks is used by all departments in the county with a total of 1,400 users. Whether it is managing public works and utilities or waterway management and emergency response activities, Pinellas County is constantly innovating and leveraging Cityworks and Esri solutions to their fullest.

Village of Schaumburg, Illinois

The Village of Schaumburg, Illinois, has done an excellent job serving their community with the help of Cityworks, ArcGIS, and various implementations. Since their original implementation in 2018, they have greatly expanded their use of Cityworks AMS, Storeroom, and Mobile App to encompass a total of 104 users and the creation of 600+ custom templates. They are also leveraging various integrations such as MUNIS, Power BI, GraniteNet, JULIE, and have created multiple solutions to help promote citizen engagement, manage snow and ice projects, organize employee leave requests, and much more. The hard work that the Village of Schaumburg is putting into managing the public assets in their community is being recognized, not just by Cityworks. In 2021, they won the Smart 50 City award, and in 2022 they were awarded the APWA Project of the Year award.

City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

The City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, is a great example of an organization that understands that Cityworks is not a stagnant platform. They have continuously expanded its use as their organization’s needs have shifted and grown. The city’s initial implementation in 2017 included a complex data migration as they moved forward from their legacy system. Since then, they have broadened their use of Cityworks and ArcGIS to encompass a wide range of workflows, including community development, planning, permitting, licensing, inspections, code enforcement, and sewer management. Additionally, the City of Kawartha Lakes has some amazing plans for the future, with plans to shift all permitting activities to Cityworks PLL and implement Public Access.

City of Prince George, British Columbia

The City of Prince George, British Columbia, has done amazing work within the eight years that they have been using Cityworks and ArcGIS. They originally implemented Cityworks in their Public Works Department and have since expanded its use to their Park Department, Roads Department, Utilities, and Engineering. They have utilized Cityworks, ArcGIS, and various integrations (such as BC one Call and Geocortex) to help manage an extensive network of assets. With 145 Cityworks users, the city manages 50 civic buildings, 1,500 km of paved roads, 19km² of parks, 7 wells, 15 reservoirs, 560 km of water mains, 454 km of sewer mains, and much more. The City of Prince George is an organization that is continuously looking for ways to expand their use of Cityworks and ArcGIS to better serve their community.

City of Akron, Ohio

The City of Akron, Ohio, is a shining example of what can be done when a community embraces a full enterprise approach to public asset management. Virtually every department is leveraging Cityworks (whether it be Cityworks AMS, Cityworks PLL, or Storeroom) along with other integrations such as ArcGIS, Workday, OnBase, Geocortex, and more. The city is also one of a small number of Cityworks users which leverages APIs with SCADA. From mowing, snow removal, and bulk pick up to manhole inspections, valve replacement, and 311 management—the City of Akron has found innovative ways to implement Cityworks and integrations. They also have big plans for the future. They are working on implementing Trimble Unity, Cityworks Respond, and Cityworks Mobile Apps. Apart from their impressive enterprise approach, the City of Akron distinguishes itself in the depth of care they demonstrate for their community.

>> Check out this video and learn more about City of Akron’s enterprise asset management approach.

Excellence in Departmental Practice Award

The excellence in departmental practice award highlights Cityworks clients who have helped transform their departments. These clients demonstrate leadership and creativity in applying public asset management strategies to daily operations and long-term planning with Cityworks.

Evansville Water and Sewer Utility, Indiana

The team at Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) is doing an amazing job of leveraging Cityworks and GIS to transform their organization’s workflows. Currently, the utility uses Cityworks for water and sewer and is working with POWER Engineers to continually incorporate new workflows and activities. They are constantly looking for new ways to scale their use of technology and are moving their preventative maintenance inspections to Cityworks in order to centralize everything in one system. EWSU is also implementing vertical asset management in their treatment plants and is planning on using barcodes for scanning work orders. In addition to that, they have implemented the use of Cityworks Mobile App to manage work activities. EWSU continues to improve their service to the community through their progressive approach to using Cityworks.

City of Flagstaff, Arizona

The City of Flagstaff, Arizona, has undergone a full digital transformation. Over the past couple of years, they have completely modernized the way they manage their water distribution networks, stormwater and wastewater infrastructure, and reclamation plants by moving from paper-based workflows to digital workflows. They now leverage Cityworks to manage everything from emergency response activities and open channel maintenance to valve and manhole inspections. They have even implemented the use of Cityworks eURL and Esri dashboards to track and share real-time data, as well as Esri Collector to track and record valves inside their water reclamation plant. The number of impressive initiatives the City of Flagstaff has implemented and plans to implement in the coming years reflects its commitment to improving their community through digital transformation.

Global Water Resources Inc., Arizona,

Global Water Resources Inc (GWR), Arizona, completed their initial Cityworks implementation in 2006 and have since expanded and refined its use to help manage water and sewer infrastructure for approximately nineteen organizations/communities in Arizona. GWR is a stellar example of what can be accomplished when an organization is innovative in their use of Cityworks and GIS. They currently manage over 49,000 connections and help track and maintain a variety of public assets, including water mains, valves, hydrants, pump stations, treatment plants, manholes, and much more. They understand that careful water usage and reclamation in a desert environment are essential and are providing top-notch service to their communities by leveraging Cityworks and GIS data to make well-informed decisions. GWR has become an organization that is data-centric and future-focused, and they continue to find new ways to optimize their asset management workflows.

City of Allen Park, Michigan

By utilizing Cityworks, ArcGIS, and other integrations, the City of Allen Park, Michigan, has transformed and streamlined their departmental workflows. They originally implemented Cityworks (with help from RitterGIS) using funding from the State of Michigan’s SAW grant and have since expanded their use of Cityworks to encompass many facets of public works, including roads, fleet, water & wastewater, sewer, and forestry. The City of Allen Park is doing an excellent job leveraging their integrations as well. They have created dynamic ArcGIS Online dashboards that are used to track asset data and work activities, and are being with the city board and residents as a way to justify spending and various activities. They are also leveraging Cityworks and SeeClickFix to foster greater communication and transparency with their community. Allen Park truly is a prime example of an organization that is tackling public asset management in a creative and innovative way.

Excellence in Online Practice Award

The excellence in online practice award recognizes clients who use Cityworks Online, eURL, and other Cityworks tools to improve data accessibility, transparency, and accountability in their communities. These clients use data tools to tackle problems in creative and innovative ways.

City of Suffolk, Virginia

The City of Suffolk, Virginia, has been a powerhouse client for the 20+ years that they have been using Cityworks. What is even more impressive is that, with the help of Woolpert, they have moved their on-premise system to a cloud-based, Cityworks Online (CWOL). This was no easy task given the sheer amount of data that had to be transferred. Spurred by population growth, an increase in construction projects, and Covid-19, the city has adopted Public Access to streamline their community development workflows. Now residents and contractors can complete permitting activities remotely. The City of Suffolk is a stalwart example of an organization that is always looking to improve their public asset management and ensure that their community’s infrastructure is safe and sustainable.

City of Collinsville, Illinois

It is amazing how much the City of Collinsville, Illinois, has transformed and streamlined their organization’s workflows. In a little over two years, the city has implemented Cityworks Online and expanded its use to several departments, including public works, fire, business licensing, code enforcement, planning, zoning, and much more. They have also set up an online portal (with help from Centricity) to help foster transparency and communication with the community. Additionally, the city hosts monthly governance meetings to keep end-users up-to-date with new initiatives and training. The City of Collinsville has done an impressive amount of work in a short amount of time, and it has been exciting to see their rapid digital transformation.

City of Morro Bay, California

The City of Morro Bay, California, is an exemplar of online practice and is innovative in many other areas of its organization. They are continually looking for ways to implement their use of Cityworks AMS, Cityworks PLL, Cityworks Mobile Apps, ArcGIS, and various integrations, such as DigEplan, Rock Solid, and Wincan. They are also leveraging a SCADA integration to keep track of equipment and inspections activities, as well as 811 Dig Alert Notifications to automatically create service requests. In less than a year, City of Morro Bay has upgraded their on-premise system to Cityworks Online and implemented Public Access. Despite being a smaller municipality, the City of Morro Bay is a forward-thinking community with a vision for integrating other third-party systems with Cityworks so that everything is centralized in one GIS-centric platform.