Looking for some inspiration to help your organization operate more efficiently next year? Here are a few of the ways our clients around the country are streamlining their processes and making data-driven decisions using Cityworks and ArcGIS.

We look forward to working with you in 2021 and can’t wait to discover all the amazing things we can accomplish together! Happy New Year!

1. From Worksheets to Smartphones with Cityworks and ArcGIS

In an effort to reduce flooding and its associated damages, DuPage County’s Stormwater Management Department (SWM) owns, operates, and maintains 17 flood control facilities, 17 drainage facilities, and nearly 200 lots. SWM also monitors more than 300 natural area sites annually. SWM is responsible for monitoring, maintaining, repairing, restoring, and replacing all of the assets associated with these sites, which include pumps, actuators, generators, gauges, cameras, lighting, fencing, vegetation, and much more. For many years, SWM relied on weekly written flood control facility inspections, as well as a combination of verbal and electronic work orders, to maintain all of these assets and resolve any issues. As a result, some items were falling through the cracks.

In February 2018, SWM contracted with the Cityworks professional services team to jumpstart implementation of Cityworks AMS. The joint project team started by gathering and analyzing all of SWM’s paper forms, workflow routines, employees, structures, materials, and equipment. Next, SWM built an accurate inventory of all its assets, which were then mapped and stored into an ArcGIS database. Cityworks professional services configured a custom Cityworks database that included work orders, service requests, and inspections collected during their analysis of SWM’s workflows and day-to-day activities.

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2. Tracking and Approving Private Construction Development Projects 

Located just an hour south of Washington, DC, Spotsylvania County has experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the past decade. But the Spotsylvania County Utilities Department was having trouble tracking the high volume of utility assets being constructed to serve new developments. 

The county decided to work with Timmons Group to create a new process for tracking and approving private development construction projects. The solution uses ArcGIS and Cityworks AMS and PLL to graphically illustrate and document the utility inspection and acceptance process from the date of site plan approval through the project warranty period.

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3. Modernizing Operational Maintenance at Treatment Plants

Water and wastewater treatment are among the most critical components of a healthy community. The organizations that provide these services are also responsible for the care of highly complex and expensive assets—yet they often rely on outdated technologies and manual processes to manage their work.

In 2017, the Harford County Division of Water and Sewer began looking for a modern work management solution to help automate preventive maintenance, coordinate work activities between groups, manage material inventories, and capture important data. Having used Cityworks for their water distribution and wastewater collection systems since 2010, expanding the platform to support the treatment process was a logical solution. In 2018, the county partnered with KCI Technologies make this project a reality.

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