“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” —Benjamin Franklin

In order to successfully prepare, utilities and local government organizations must consider all the possibilities. This applies to small day-to-day events as well as to larger events that happen less frequently. At Cityworks, we offer the tools and training to prepare for both planned and unplanned events.

Planned events include:

  • Infrastructure upgrades and maintenance
  • Civic events such as elections or celebrations

Cityworks gives you the power to manage these events in an orderly and efficient way. For example, using projects in Cityworks Office for AMS along with Operational Insights will allow you to monitor and prioritize complex and overlapping infrastructure upgrades and maintenance projects. Civic events can be handled using a combination of projects, work orders, and Storeroom.

This is also true for unplanned events such as:

  • Infrastructure failures
  • Natural disasters
  • Pandemics
  • Civil unrest

Not sure where to get started? Cityworks offers training courses that show you how to create projects to help you plan and respond to emergency events and as well as capital improvement projects. We can also walk you through using Operational Insights to minimize the number and severity of failures by maintaining an effective workflow for asset management.

  • Cityworks Operational Insights with ArcGIS Insights: Join us for an introduction to asset management covering key concepts including what asset management is, how to build strategies, and how to leverage your current data, as well as an overview of Cityworks tools aimed at achieving asset management goals.
  • Disaster Preparation with Cityworks AMS: Discover how to use Cityworks projects to track preparations and response to a natural disaster. By tracking this information in Cityworks, organizations can create and send accurate expense reports to FEMA. 
  • Cityworks Storeroom: Learn how to configure and use the Cityworks app for warehouse and materials management.
  • Cityworks Designer for AMS: Explore the essential Designer configurations that an administrator needs to know for setting up a new Cityworks site with GIS components.

To get started, visit Learn.Trimble and create a log-in. From there, you can search Cityworks or any of the course names listed above. 


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