Improving communication and customer engagement while also taking business processes online is more important than ever before. It’s clear that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on communities around the globe and will fundamentally change how organizations interact with their customers.

Front-end, public-facing permitting and licensing solutions help communities run more efficiently by eliminating paperwork and streamlining the permitting and inspection processes. By providing a public portal to Cityworks PLL workflows, Public Access empowers residents and contractors to apply for logins, submit and view PLL work activities, generate reports, schedule inspections, and pay fees from a flexible online interface. This functionality is possible out of the box and can now be customized to perfectly suit your community’s needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to support your employees and customers in a time of social distancing or you need a few tips to streamline your existing operations, here are four new Public Access customization options.

1. Public Access 5.0, compatible with Cityworks 15.5 releases, allows administrators to customize Public Access directly from the website. Gone are the days when any customization to the Public Access website required customization of the site files themselves (XML or JavaScript). The administrator now has the ability to easily access the “Admin” customization section from their user menu.

Admin view in Cityworks Public Access
Admin view in Cityworks Public Access

2. Within the Public Access website, administrators can now add, delete, or edit any of the tabs that display on the landing page of the website. Whether searching for new residential construction permits, a zoning permit, or a commercial alterations permit, Public Access can help users quickly find what they are looking for. And by adding a filter, administrators can control which permits display on each tab within the landing page to ensure that all appropriate information is available.

3. Administrators can now customize colors throughout the website. For example, perhaps your customers have complained that certain text is too hard to read or the “Submit” button is difficult to locate. Anything can easily be changed to a different color. The “Colors” tab contains hundreds of color options to support any needs or preferences.

4. Messages are also customizable. Are you receiving feedback that certain instructions, prompts, or other messages on the website are difficult to understand? With Public Access, you can easily customize the language to guide your users through every step of the process. You can even add in a “Stay healthy!” if you would like. The possibilities are endless.

Want to learn more about Public Access? Request a demo or contact your Customer Success Manager today.

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By Dan Puerling, Cityworks Subject Matter Expert

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