Local government organizations have faced extensive changes over the last d

ecade, driven by environmental impacts, economic uncertainty, and increasing citizen demands. Despite these challenges, community development has continued to evolve, and the adoption of technology has helped organizations keep pace with work in their respective areas.

Many communities across North America are reaping the benefits of the combined power of Cityworks PLL (permitting, land, and licensing solution) and digital plan review management from Avolve.

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For joint customers, it is a seamless integrated approach that supports their entire community development process, from submission to approval. Let’s dive into the main benefits:

1. Economic Growth

With economic uncertainty—not only across the US and Canada, but globally—organizations are looking for opportunities to attract new development and drive growth. Adoption of technology that streamlines workflows and decreases the turnaround times of permitting, licensing, and planning has proven to be a critical decision factor for community development investment within municipalities. With an integrated approach, organizations can have huge benefits. One Avolve customer has been able to support $1 billion more in construction value in 2022 with no additional staff, all because of the benefit of adding a digital plan review solution.

2. Departmental Productivity

Doing more with less seems to be the way forward for organizations who are facing resource constraints. This, however, can add tremendous pressure and demand on community development agencies and potentially lead to extensive review and approval times. Permitting, licensing, land, and ePlanning technology working in harmony helps soften the impact of increased workloads by improving workflows and removing communication silos. This enables your teams to be more effective and efficient. All of this is done by fostering greater collaboration and eliminating unnecessary administrative processes.

3. Remove Silos

The ability for plans to seamlessly flow from permitting processes in Cityworks PLL into plan review management removes staff frustration by reducing download and upload times, eliminates the need to constantly toggle between multiple systems, and increases visibility across departments. The integration between Cityworks PLL and Avolve creates an easy-to-use, centralized process that removes the barriers of siloed systems.

4. Community Engagement

Connecting permitting and plan review workflows not only benefits your organization, but also improves the quality of service and engagement that is provided to your community. The combination of these two solutions helps eliminate application backlogs and allows you to inform applicants where submission standards are not met before the application is even submitted.

Ultimately, Cityworks PLL and Avolve breakdown the communication silos that often exist between organizations and communities. This is done by creating greater citizen visibility, fostering application transparency, allowing corrections and comments to be accessed for quick resolution, and keeping the applicant informed and engaged throughout the entire process.

5. Connected Solutions

Avolve and Cityworks PLL are strategic partners, dedicated to ensuring that their solutions work seamlessly together so it optimizes the performance for both the staff and the applicants. For local government and utility organizations, this removes the requirement to align processes or integrate solutions – this is all pre-built. The partnership between Cityworks and Avolve ensures that the connection between your permitting and plan review workflows is efficient and that both solutions work together to benefit your organization and the community you serve.

Come and find out more at Cityworks Innovate Conference! Avolve and Cityworks customers City of Rexburg, Idaho, Sandy City, Utah, and City of Carmel, Indiana, discuss their journeys and the benefits they have seen moving from legacy systems to online permitting and digital plan review.

By Derek Porter, Chief Growth Officer, Avolve Software


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