Cityworks 15.6 and the latest versions of corresponding apps include a deep list of new functionality to expand your asset management capabilities. Here are a few highlights.

1. Now Supporting ArcGIS Indoors!

Cityworks 15.6, Respond 3.0, and mobile native apps 9.0 will be critical tools in your facility management toolbox. The latest versions support ArcGIS Indoors facility and level fields, allowing users to easily identify and navigate to the exact location of an indoor work activity. Since the Cityworks map experiences natively support ArcGIS Javascript widgets, you can also add the ArcGIS Indoors Floor Switcher widget to Cityworks maps.

2. Barcoding & Equipment Management

Cityworks Office users licensed for Equipment Check Out can now see panels listing the equipment reserved and checked out against a work order. Respond users can also check out and check in equipment from the work order.

If your organization uses barcodes to label field assets, Respond 3.0 and mobile native apps 9.0 now include the capability to scan an asset barcode to quickly view the asset’s information and create work activities.

3. Enhanced Analytics Tools

Operational Insights 2.1 now includes asset curves! This new functionality allows you to visualize the impact of your configured asset and maintenance strategies on the asset’s expected useful life with business risk implications. Each trajectory end year now displays in the eURL and can be written back to the GIS, along with the calculation name.

Several enhancements have been made to query functionality across the Cityworks platform. Event layer eURLs are now supported on the split map to display activity searches, and GIS feature queries are supported even if the asset name uses spaces. The effort field is now consistently available across work orders, service requests, and inspections. 

If you’ve been itching to get creative with dashboards, now’s the time. You can style your widgets with customizable fonts, backgrounds, and charts. Plus….

    • The map widget lets you customize the map with map service definitions enabled in Designer.
    • The count widget now includes a dropdown with preconfigured formatting for numbers, currencies, and percentages.
    • The table widget allows you to display child data—for example, you can view the number of tasks per work order in a work order query.

4. Cityworks PLL and Public Access 

Taking your business processes online is more critical now than ever, and the latest version of Cityworks PLL streamlines the user experience for both customers and staff. Case descriptions can be edited, and users can add comments when they schedule inspections. 

In Public Access 5.1, you now have the option of making internal checklists visible to your customers so they can see, for example, why an inspection failed. We’ve also made enhancements to security role configuration and the Authorize.Net online payment process.

5. Simplified Configuration

Cityworks administrators know all the best shortcuts in our software. We have new ones to share! Public Access 5.1, for example, allows you to configure prompts for new users who are creating logins. Their selections will place them into a corresponding role, automating the process for your staff. 

Style 1.3, the customization tool for Cityworks apps, allows you to share and copy user profiles. Whether it’s moving a profile from test to production or importing a unique profile from another Cityworks client, this eliminates the need to create the same profile multiple times and is much more efficient.

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