Your organization’s field crews are always on the move. The Cityworks mobile app allows data and workflows to be easily organized, managed, and maintained outside of the office. It offers ease of access to important data, all at your fingertips.

Here are some of the recent enhancements that support a functional and intuitive user experience.

Support for case violation workflows

To better support and manage code enforcement processes, the Cityworks mobile app now have the ability to view, edit, and complete case violations.

One-tap access to ArcGIS Field Maps

The Cityworks mobile app includes a link to ArcGIS Field Maps, the all-in-one app from Esri that allows field crews to find assets and information, perform data collection and editing, and report their real-time locations.

Sync feature layers in a web map

Previously, mobile app users had the option of syncing standalone feature layers to create local copies on GIS data to be used offline. Now, that option is also available for sync-enabled feature services in a web map. This allows users to see the same GIS data when switching between the Cityworks mobile app and Esri apps when working offline.

Text Box Entry for Entity Identifiers

We introduced barcode scanning in Cityworks mobile app 9.0. Sometimes, the barcode you’re trying to scan is too dirty, smudged, or otherwise damaged to get an accurate read. The latest version of the mobile app includes a text box option for searching entity identifiers manually.

Manage vertical assets with ArcGIS Indoors

ArcGIS Indoors facility and level fields are supported in the mobile app—allowing users to easily identify and navigate to the exact location of an indoor work activity.

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The Cityworks mobile app is available to download in Android and iOS app stores. Contact your Cityworks representative to get started with these new enhancements.


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