How much easier would it be to plan maintenance and manage project timelines if you could see exactly what was happening on the ground before sending crews into the field? Nearmap provides high-resolution aerial imagery that can enhance your ArcGIS maps and provide valuable visual information about your assets.

Here are five ways that integrating Nearmap with Cityworks and ArcGIS can help you plan smarter.

1. Easy Integration

The first question that always pops up when customers ask about getting Nearmap imagery inside of Cityworks almost always centers around integration. Not only is it a process you can follow with simple steps, but there are two documented and supported ways you can bring Nearmap’s imagery into your Cityworks instance:

• Use Nearmap’s WMS 2.0 to create a web map in ArcGIS Online and link it to your Cityworks environment

• Create a web map in ArcGIS Online and bring it into Cityworks via Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace

2. Heightened Visualization

How close would you like to get to the city streets, sidewalks, and other property parcels that you help manage? Is 2.8 inches of ground sampling distance close enough for you? We’re talking less than 3 inches between pixels when it comes to resolution. That’s how closely you can view your public assets inside Cityworks with Nearmap’s highresolution aerial imagery.

“With the rapid expansion in Grand Rapids, Nearmap provides current imagery that allows us to emulate changes of projects and infrastructure while reducing field site visits,” said Angela Doede, application administrator for the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our workflows, and Cityworks already provided one way for us to manage our city assets. Bringing the quality of Nearmap imagery into Cityworks provides a whole new level of confidence in our work.”

Aerial Imagery in Cityworks
Aerial image of Grand Rapids, Michigan, provided by Nearmap.

Nearmap imagery allows you to see the cracks in a street as well as manhole covers, hydrants, striping, signage, and more. You can also get clear views of buildings, terrain, parks, and vegetation and accurately measure length, area, and radius. But it’s not just about the street views. One example of this is stormwater management, where you can quickly and clearly survey any impervious surfaces that prevent natural filtrations or identify potential erosion hazards or pollutants.

3. Currency

If you happen to use satellite imagery to view your city assets, you might discover that the imagery is not always as up to date as you’d like. In fact, many satellite images can be up to five years old.

In contrast, Nearmap flies over 430 urban areas at least twice a year.

“Nearmap affords us the ability to have a bird’s-eye view of our city several times per year, at a resolution that is rarely obtainable within our budget,” said Matthew W. Bradbury, GIS administrator for the City of Redlands, California. “Going with Nearmap just makes sense for our GIS applications across the organization. We can look at our infrastructure inside of Cityworks, view historical imagery from Nearmap, and plan for the future.”

4. Historical Captures

Beyond the current and consistent imagery, you have the ability to view captures over multiple years.

Nearmap has been capturing aerial images in most cities since 2014, which allows you to track changes to your city assets over time. This type of detailed information can improve communication with your team and help you make better decisions. For example, asset managers can track wear and tear of public assets as well as gauge if assets are missing.

Public works could be interested in tracking long-term projects to ensure that they meet codes and regulations, and historical imagery provides an easily accessible bird’s-eye view.

5. Integration with Esri Applications

Nearmap is a subscription-based service. With your single subscription, you can integrate imagery into Cityworks and beyond, including all of your favorite Esri applications.

As an Esri Gold Partner, Nearmap integrates with:

• ArcGIS Online

• ArcGIS Enterprise

• ArcGIS Pro

• ArcGIS Urban

• ArcGIS Collector

• ArcGIS Survey123

• ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Click here to learn more about inspecting public assets with high-resolution aerial imagery.


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