There is a lot to keep track of in the City of Carmel, Indiana, where the population is 100,000 and rapidly growing. With the help of a Nearmap integration—along with Cityworks and ArcGIS—the city has been able to stay on top of their asset management workflows and foster sustainable development of their community. 

Nearmap, an Australian aerial imaging company, provides frequently updated aerial imagery that has given the City of Carmel the ability to remotely manage their community and track its growth. Nearmap integrates seamlessly with Cityworks and ArcGIS, allowing users to view aerial imagery directly in the Cityworks platform. 

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Cityworks, ArcGIS, and the Nearmap integration have been instrumental in assisting the City of Carmel maintain their stormwater billing program. This program helps fund city drainage projects and stormwater and sewer maintenance and construction by collecting fees off of  residential and commercial properties.

Cityworks, ArcGIS, and Nearmap create a system of record where stormwater billing data is continuously stored and updated. This saves time, resources, and ultimately helps the City of Carmel manage public assets and plan for the implementation of future infrastructure as the city grows. 

See how Cityworks can help provide GIS-centric insights and assist with asset management workflows. 


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