When we launched Cityworks as a fledgling startup 24 years ago, we set out to change how local governments and utilities leverage their investment in Esri’s GIS platform to improve public asset management. Although we were a small team, we were determined to make a difference with our GIS-centric approach. Today, Cityworks is a recognized leader in providing innovative local government and utility software, with more than 700 organizations worldwide using our technology.

I am excited to announce that, on September 30, Cityworks signed an agreement to become part of Trimble, Inc. This has been a deeply contemplative decision. A long-time strategic partner, Trimble has been a friend and a tremendous advocate of Cityworks and the work we all aspire to do. 

Our joining with Trimble is strategic and will help us improve solutions for our customers who can benefit from improved infrastructure performance, increased productivity, and better return on investment associated with infrastructure construction and operation. The synergies created between both companies will accelerate our GIS-centric mission to help improve public asset management and communities around the world.

Trimble is a leader in developing technology that transforms the way the world works and in delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Like Cityworks, Trimble builds purpose-driven products through enterprise lifecycle solutions across a broad range of industries such as utilities, agriculture, construction, geospatial, airports, and transportation. And, Trimble is a long-time Esri partner.

As this next chapter unfolds, I am committed to the success of Cityworks. This will never change. You are a valued customer, and we want to ensure that our relationship with you will not change. Customer success is the foundation of our approach to business. You will continue to receive the same high level of service and support you have come to depend upon from the Cityworks staff. All of your existing contacts for management, sales, support, and services will remain the same.

As a Trimble company, we have an exciting future, further securing Cityworks as the market leader in GIS-centric public asset management. More than ever, our talented and committed team of employees, executive staff and management, and me as president and CEO look forward to the opportunities ahead to ensure your continued success. Our foundational four pillars that drive our success are unchanged: GIS-centric technology, our employees, our clients, and our partners.

Our commitment to Esri’s platform will be undiminished. Cityworks will remain the leading ArcGIS pure-play you have always relied on. Our vision is fully supported by Trimble, including expanding to new markets we can serve.

We are grateful for the trust you put in Cityworks, and we remain committed to helping you do good locally.

Brian Haslam is president and CEO of Cityworks, A Trimble Company.