Cityworks Server PLL (Permits, Licensing, and Land) is a GIS-centric community development software product that enables agencies to track permits, planning and development applications, engineering construction processes, business licenses, code enforcement cases, and land development work, from initiation to closure.  The built-in workflow engine efficiently tracks all applicable tasks, beginning with the initial application or customer call through the complete process of departmental plan reviews, issuance, inspections, planning commission meetings, abatement, hearings, applications, renewals, and more.

Cityworks Server PLL streamlines and automates these work processes:
•  Applications
•  Plan reviews
•  Fee calculations and payments
•  Tasks and workflow
•  Inspections
•  Management tracking and signoffs
•  Reporting

Cityworks Server PLL is fully integrated with Cityworks Server MMS allowing your permit, license, and land data to be viewed in the same application environment as your GIS asset data, work orders, and/or service requests.  Developed in Microsoft .NET and ESRI’s leading ArcGIS Server technologies, the GIS-centric, server- and browser-based design helps your entire organization achieve higher levels of operational efficiency.  And, because it’s GIS-centric, Cityworks is a fully integrated extension of your ESRI GIS—no linking, no special interface, and no risky synchronization.