It was announced that Woolpert with support from gViz has implemented Cityworks, an asset and work management solution, for ActewAGL Distribution (AAD). AAD is one the largest joint-utility companies in Australia.

Cityworks, developed by Azteca Systems, is the only GIS-centric asset management software available. Woolpert, Cityworks’ first Diamond-level Implementation Partner and a Strategic Development Partner, has been delivering enterprise asset management solutions built on Cityworks for over 20 years.

The implementation of this solution went live with the core Cityworks software in July 2014. Since then, Woolpert has steadily supplied the AAD team with product enhancements and integrations to the existing software, such as Oracle Financials and Gentrack’s Velocity Billing solution.

These have delivered improved AAD operational management and efficiency within the utility’s electrical division.

This project enables AAD to route and track work assignments more easily by automatically converting customer calls into actionable work for the maintenance and operations staff.

AAD, based in Canberra, provides power to more than 195,000 electric customers and another 134,000 gas customers in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.

Woolpert assembled a team of six full-time resources dedicated to delivering this business-critical solution. For nearly nine months, working both in Australia and from Denver, this team met challenging deadlines that enabled AAD to conduct improved customer service at a lower cost.

“With the client 30 hours away by plane, we worked both onsite during Australian business hours and domestically on opposite schedules,” said Dave Feuer, Woolpert’s director of information technology and management consulting. “We were essentially working in shifts, each group furthering the project while another group slept.”

Feuer said the pace of the project was equal to working 16 to 20 hours per day.

“For about nine months, it was all hands on deck,” he said. “We took the system live as we were still developing some interfaces and continuing to roll out integrations and other system enhancements.”

Woolpert—a national architecture, engineering and geospatial firm—also is among the domestic leaders in Institute of Asset Management (IAM) certification, with 13 professionals certified.

“In Australia, as in Europe, the IAM standards are very highly regarded, but most U.S. companies have been late to that party,” said Feuer, who is IAM certified. “We were pleased that AAD came to America to get support with its overall asset management program, knowing we adhere to these elevated international standards.”

The bulk of the work on this project is complete, but Woolpert continues to support AAD by evaluating ideas on their issue log, scoping and developing system enhancements, and delivering the advanced functionality the AAD-user community needs to meet its operating requirements.



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