The City of Ann Arbor has been a Cityworks user since 2000.  Over time, the City has grown into a full, enterprise-wide implementation.  In 2007 they implemented the software for their sidewalk inspections, experiencing fast, tangible results.  Every five years, Ann Arbor’s sidewalk inspection staff inspects more than 27,000 sidewalk segments.  Before Cityworks, inspections were done on paper and cost the City $100,000 per year.  Utilizing Cityworks on tablet PCs, field inspectors assess the condition for each property with all phases of the inspection tracked through Cityworks.  A study conducted to measure economic benefits from using Cityworks showed that inspection time was minimized, resulting in a cost savings of $500 per week per team, with an annual cost savings of $52,000.  By eliminating handwritten notes, no follow-up was required when the notes couldn’t be deciphered or vital information was missing, and results of the inspections were available immediately.  These are documented savings realized by the sidewalk inspection staff and there’s no telling how much other units are saving as well.