Keeping track of your local government’s assets can be challenging and labor intensive. Wouldn’t it be great to have real-time access to your inventory? To know, at the touch of a button, which parts are in good condition, which parts need to be replaced, and where new parts need to be added? Having a web application that integrates with your Cityworks Server asset management system can help automate the maintenance and upkeep of your assets and reduce operational costs. Jones Edmunds’ GIS team worked diligently to develop a custom web application that does just that. It was first put to the test to help St. Johns County, Florida, manage their traffic signs, and worked so well that the web application is now applied to support a variety of other asset inventory needs, including light poles, annual traffic counts, ADA ramps, and turtle nesting locations.

The beauty of this custom web application is in its flexibility, as it adapts to better track and manage a wide range of local government assets. St. Johns County serves as an excellent example of how this custom web application helps automate asset inventory, increasing efficiency and cutting operation and maintenance costs.

With a population of more than 200,000, St. Johns County has used Cityworks since 2005. Their Cityworks system helps manage public works assets and maintenance for stormwater, traffic signals, pavement, traffic signs, right-of-way, and fleet operations. The County currently has over 93,000 work orders and 90 current Cityworks Server users.

In addition to integrating Cityworks into its Public Works program, the County’s Utilities Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) includes its sewer, water, and reclaimed water networks, and since 2009, encompasses 21 storerooms and over 50,000 work orders. CMMS integrates with CIS, AMR/AMI, and SCADA, and has 75 Cityworks users in the field and the office.

St. Johns County Public Works Department and Jones Edmunds worked to leverage the County’s Cityworks platform to better manage the traffic sign inventory. The Public Works Department’s initial management approach was streamlined by integrating a JavaScript web application with Cityworks Server and Trimble high-accuracy GPS units. The integration enables field crews to edit signs or add signs in the field and immediately add work orders to Cityworks Server. The Public Works Department’s original system—written for ArcMap 9.x and Cityworks Desktop 4.x—was upgraded to support ArcGIS 10.1. The new web interface is deployed through ArcServer and leverages ArcGIS Online, which allows for easy integration with Cityworks Server. The new workflow resulted in a simplified process that reduces the need for in-office GIS support and allows users to reconcile and post from the field.

Jones Edmunds also helped St. Johns County develop a performance-based budget tool, customized dashboards, and MicroPAVER and NAPA integration. The consulting firm’s GIS team also created new reports and a web interface for tracking information related to users, hardware, and software. The upgraded system saves the St. Johns County Public Works Department 10 hours of labor per week. It has eliminated their backlog for new assets, lowered maintenance costs using a web client, and increased productivity and efficiency. The system also permits the County to stay abreast of current technology. The County previously received the 2010 Esri SAG Award, and this year received the 2014 Cityworks Exemplary User Award for their innovative and intelligent application of Cityworks and for empowering their communities through the use of GIS. Jones Edmunds is proud to be a partner with St. Johns County and continues to provide the County with training and ongoing support for its system.


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