Azteca Systems recently received Platinum Tier Partnership level with industry renowned GIS developer Esri.  The partnership recognizes Azteca’s presence as a worldwide industry leader and solidifies the Cityworks line of products as the leading GIS-centric solution for asset management, work order, permitting, and licensing.

Platinum Tier Esri Partnership distinguishes Azteca as an industry-leading firm with a global customer base providing progressive GIS solutions built upon the Esri software platform.  Aligned in vision and strategy, Azteca and Esri continue to work collaboratively on projects on a worldwide scope.  Cityworks is built to leverage the GIS data created by organizations using Esri’s products and is built on top of Esri’s leading ArcGIS software.  The tools inherent to ArcGIS enable Cityworks with unique and powerful capabilities for asset management and other management solutions for organizations.

“We are pleased to have Azteca Systems among our group of Platinum Partners,” said Josh Lewis, Director of the Esri Partner Network.  “Azteca has been a loyal and dedicated partner for several years with Cityworks, their unique, GIS-centric approach to asset maintenance management and permitting.  Public works, utilities, and government represent strong markets with great growth potential for us.  Cityworks helps these clients leverage the power of the geodatabase, empowering ArcGIS with the day-to-day solutions to manage the critical work they do.”

“Becoming Platinum Partners with Esri is an exciting collaboration for us,” commented Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “Throughout the years, Azteca has consistently maintained a strong, dependable, and successful relationship with Esri through hard work and dedication, and this new level of partnership solidifies our working with Esri in the past and future.  Cityworks and ArcGIS are seamlessly woven together providing customers a GIS-centric solution unmatched by any other.  We look forward to continued efforts with Esri as together we continue to expand our projects across the U.S. as well as internationally.”