The City of Bozeman implemented Cityworks in early 2008 in four of the city’s divisions including water and sewer, forestry, streets, and signs.  Employees at Bozeman have felt the positive effect of Cityworks on their operations, saving time, money, and maximizing resources, as well as taking full advantage of their GIS investment.

“Since our Cityworks implementation, the amount of paper I handle has been cut by 90 percent,” said John Alston, superintendent of the water and sewer division in Bozeman.

“I like being able to look at the map at any time throughout the day and quickly see what outstanding work orders and service requests there are and their location without having to ask someone or go through a vast amount of paper to find out.

“With rising fuel and labor costs, Cityworks allows us to schedule work orders in similar areas of the city rather than ‘bouncing’ all over the city throughout the day, especially for work like the curb box program, fire hydrant and sewer flushing, and our water valve exercise program, to name a few. 

“I feel the Cityworks system has helped take our maintenance program up to a higher level of organization and allow us to quickly access asset history at the touch of a mouse.”