The Cityworks client base in Canada has been growing especially well. We thought it would be fun to take a closer look at the variety of new clients on the Canadian front.

York Region, Ontario — Located in the Toronto metro area, York Region is a large municipality with more than a million residents. York is currently in the process of implementing and testing Server AMS for their Transportation department.

District of Sechelt, British Columbia — Located on the lower Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Sechelt has a population of about 9,000 and is currently implementing an Enterprise solution of both Server AMS and PLL (Permitting, Licensing, and Land).

Niagara Region, Ontario — Located in southern Ontario between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, Niagara Region serves a population of about 430,000. Niagara implemented Server AMS last year and recently went live with Server PLL for their Transportation department.

Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO), British Columbia — RDNO is one of the 28 regional districts in British Columbia and provides a variety of utility services to more than 77,000 residents, with their largest population center being the city of Vernon. RDNO is currently in the process of implementing Server AMS via the City of Vernon’s servers.

City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario — Home to about 160,000 residents, Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario. Geographically, it is also the largest city in Ontario and the seventh largest municipality in Canada. Sudbury recently implemented Cityworks Server AMS and already has twenty users up and running.

City of Lethbridge, Alberta — The largest city in southern Alberta, with a population of about 88,000, and the fourth-largest city in the province, Lethbridge recently selected Cityworks as its new asset management solution. Plans for implementation are underway.

Town of Cobourg, Ontario — Located on Lake Ontario, east of Toronto, Cobourg, Ontario is a small town of 18,500 people. They have recently started their implementation of Server AMS and are hoping to expand to PLL within the next year.


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