The City of Laredo, Texas, recently modernized its asset management system and is using Cityworks AMS to manage its extensive water and wastewater infrastructure.

“The city had invested in collecting a robust set of GIS data over the years for their water and wastewater systems,” said Russell Ford, LAN’s senior associate. “Cityworks is a GIS-centric enterprise asset management system. It can handle many functions such as distribution of materials from the warehouse. It also connects with the city’s 311 system and can be scaled to multiple departments.”

“For us, combining our work order system with the GIS was a must,” added Adrian Gause, CFM, administrative planner for the City of Laredo Utilities Department. “It was something we wanted to do for many years, and it wasn’t possible with our existing system. The fact that Cityworks was compatible and could be fully integrated with ArcGIS Server made it a good fit.”

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Lead image courtesy of Water Finance & Management

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